This is a collection of PSPS policy and governance documents provided for the use of Society trustees and officers.

While these documents are not confidential, they mainly relate to internal matters and it would be inappropriate to post them on the public web site.


Administrative Policies

Funding Policies

Articles of Association 2017 (Changed by General Meetings only)

Officials’ Travel Policy

Process for preparing Council minutes

Funding Strategy as published

Funding Strategy - reasons

Bye laws (made by Council)

Data Protection Policy

Grant Making Policy


Events for members policy

Due Diligence Questionnaire

Letterhead Revised August 2018

Gambling Policy

Officer Roles

Word     Acrobat     Publisher

Conflict of Interest Policy

Company Secretary


Posting to web site requirements

Membership Secretary


Distribution of non-PSPS publicity



Safeguarding Policy

Calling Meetings (National Secretary)



External Guidance

With WSN & WEL

Reasons not to prepare Group Accounts

The Essential Trustee (Charity Commission)

WSN Corporate Shareholder Representatives

Risk Register 2019

CC Trustee Eligibility Declaration

PSKCT Funding Agreement


HMRC Fit and Proper Person Helpsheet


Membership Sub Group Terms of Reference

HMRC Fit and Proper Person Declaration


Collection Management Policy


Maintained by Martin Longhurst